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4 June 2012

Editor Position Open: Call for a Brazilian-Portuguese Editor for MasterNewMedia

MasterNewMedia Portuguese is looking for a new editor to train and partner with. Here the basic requirements:

If you have:

  • Good English language speaking and reading skills

  • Excellent Portuguese/Brazilian writing ability

  • Access to an up-to-date computer

  • An ADSL connection or faster one

  • Skype connectivity

  • At least 4-5 hours a day or more

  • Passion for new technologies, media and communication

  • Desire to learn and share with others

  • Enough time to make this a serious, professional collaboration

This opportunity may be for you.

It works like this. You translate every day one of the original English articles that I publish on Master New Media and we split the advertising revenues we generate on this edition.

Professional translators are not good candidates for this job, as there is a whole different approach to translation in our editorial format than meets the eye. Also, unless you are passionate scholar of communication and new media technologies you may have a very hard time understanding and translating in your language what I write about.

RSS, P2P, wikis and blogs should be technologies you are quite familiar with and testing and trying out new tools should be something you greatly enjoy doing.

For more info, please contact me directly: Robin dot Good at MasterNewMedia dot org

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